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Colleen Covell Design specializes in luxury residential design, making your home the unique, special retreat you need for relaxing, entertaining, and thriving with your friends and family. And pets! We bring a mix of modern and classic to your space, for a lasting aesthetic. No trends, no fussiness, no nonsense.

Are you building a new home or embarking on a significant renovation of an existing home? It’s daunting, we know, but we can help. We can do everything from helping you choose a layout for your home, design your kitchen and baths, select furniture, colors and finishes, and basically ease you through the process with far less headaches and heartaches than if you did it alone.

Or are you just looking to spruce up your home? You aren’t bringing in the construction crew but need a new, fresh feeling to your space? We can help you use what you have (and probably convince you to get rid of some of it) and find new ways to make your space fresh and inviting.

During the initial consultation ($200), we will sit down with you (or rather, walk around your house and look and look and observe) and discuss your goals, style and budget, as well as potential designs and solutions.

After the initial consultation, we charge hourly ($125) against an initial retainer that is dependent on the scope of work.